Black Magic Inferno Muzzle Brake

“Inferno” 30 Caliber, 308, 300 BLKOUT


SOT Inferno Muzzle Brake (30 Caliber)

Produces a greatly reduced recoil and rearward motion of firearm movement. This Brake features dispersion porting that helps prevent and nearly eliminates muzzle rise and muzzle flip. Our Muzzle Brakes are nitride treated and are capable of withstanding extreme temperatures from hot gases and particle erosion.

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SOT Inferno (Muzzle Brake) 30 caliber:

The SOT Inferno (Muzzle Brake) was Designed specifically for precision shooting and Tremendously reduces recoil and muzzle rise allowing for quick follow-up shots. The first and second baffles are designed to direct blast percussion away from the shooter while the dispersion ports help prevent muzzle rise and muzzle flip.

  • 30 Caliber (308 NATO, 300 BLKOUT)
  • Precision Machined
  • 4130 Alloy Steel
  • Heat Treated
  • Thread pitch 5/8×24
  • QpQ Nitride Treated


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