Special Ops Tactical Rail System Installation Guide:

Items Included:

  • Free Float Rail Barrel Nut
  • (8) 8/32 x 1/4″ Screws
  • 2 Hex/ Allen Keys 3/32
  • Shims (use if needed)

Items Not Included:

  • 1-1/16” Wrench with Closed Box End for 556 rails
  • 1-3/8”   Wrench with Closed Box End for 308 rails

Installing your Rail:

  1. Secure the upper receiver in a proper “upper receiver vice fixture”. (REQUIRED for PROPER  INSTALLATION)
  2. Once secured, insert the barrel into the “upper Receiver.”
  3. Use the supplied “Black Moly grease”  and spread a good amount inside the threaded barrel nut as well as on the upper receiver threads and the exposed “barrel nut” contact surface of the barrel nut.  (If shims are required, spread grease on the surface and or in between the shims) DO NOT put grease inside the upper receiver where the barrel extension slides into.  On Anodized rails be sure to put a good amount of grease on the screws and the contact surface of the countersink screw holes. (Do NOT use Thread locker on the screws!)
  4. Use a (1-1/16”) STANDARD wrench with the closed  “12 Point Closed End” to tighten the nut down and “clock / time” the position the holes of the nut. Line the screw holes up on the nut to match the screw holes on the rail. Note: You will have to slide the rail on to the nut to make sure everything is straight and lines up BEFORE Installing the gas system components. Be sure the top picatinny rail matches up to the upper receiver picatinny in order to make a continuous rail surface from the upper receiver to the SOT rail. Shims are provided to use if necessary. If hole alignment is off add a  shim and realign by using the next set of holes. Be sure to keep everything well greased on contact shim surfaces.
  5. Once the “barrel nut” is properly timed and on tight, use the  3/32 Allen Keys to tighten the dished screws simultaneously (Starting with the “left and right  top rear” screws (rear being the shooter end) then do the same with the “bottom rear screws” and repeat this step with the top forward screws and bottom forward screws.  Recommend Tightening screws on opposite sides simultaneously when securing the rail to the barrel net.  Note: When tightening the screws down it can cause the rail to shift slightly, so you may have (remove the rail) to slightly loosen and retighten the (BARREL NUT) in the direction of the shift accordingly to insure straight alignment of the rail to the upper. WARNING: Do NOT use loctite or thread locker!  Do not over tighten the screws they will lock in snugly. Use grease on the screws and screw holes.
  6. Now after the barrel nut is on snug and aligned (If the rail is screwed on to the barrel nut, remove the rail to install the gas system components.”
  7. Install the gas system.  Once the gas system is in place slide the rail on and screw the rail on to the barrel nut.
  8. Complete!