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“Bob Keller” Signature Rifle 14.8-16.04″ Black w/ FIRESTORM-14 MLOK

5.00 out of 5
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“The “Bob Keller” Signature Rifle is here!

The Bok Keller Signature Rifle is one of the very best in the industry.  Featuring our patented Siphon AGP Barrel; renowned for its low recoil and flat shooting characteristics making “ready up’s” and transitions from target to target a breeze.

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“Bob Keller” Signature Rifle

14.8″ pinned to 16.04″ Rifle w/ FIRESTORM-14 MLOK Rail System

  • Barrel PATENT (PATENTED US PAT NO. 10,274,273) 14.8″ Siphon AGP 4150 CrMoVa (with Permanently Attached Inferno Muzzle Brake)
  • Custom “SIPHON” AGP Medium Barrel Profile
  • Chambered in 5.56 NATO
  • Premium Nitride Treatment inside and out (Barrel)
  • {Nickel Boron} M4 Extended Feed Ramps
  • 6 Groove rifling
  • 1:7 Twist Rate
  • (Intermediate LENGTH) Gas System with Nitride Gas Tube
  • 1/2×28 Thread Pitch
  • “Siphon” AGP Tuned Gas Port
  • 11* Degree Target Crown
  • (Nitride) Micro Gas Block with .750 seat
  • (Nitride) Rifle Length Gas Tube
  • Forged Upper & Lower Receiver
  • (Black Anodized Mil-Spec)
  • Hand Guard Type: Our FIRESTORM-14″ MLOK Free Floating Rail System
  • (Nitride) Shot peened and MPI tested bolt
  • (Nitride) M16 Bolt Carrier Group with properly staked carrier key
  • “Raptor” Ambi Forged Charging Handle
  • Permanent Attached SOT (INFERNO) Precision Muzzle Brake (Nitride)
  • Mil-Spec receiver extension Tube
  • Mil-Spec Trigger
  • QD End Plate “Quick Swivel Disconnect End Plate “Staked”
  • Carbine Buffer
  • “Bob Keller” Signature (Also offered with Subdued Signature)
  • SI Polymer Dust Cover
  • Ambi Selector (45*) Degree
  • Magpul MIAD modular Pistol Grip
  • Magpul CTR Carbine Stock (Mil-Spec)
  • Magpul MOE Trigger Guard
  • “Optics Ready” no sights
  • One 30 rd mag included (If legal in customers State)
  • Soft Rifle Case Included with 5 Magazine Pouch
  • Rifle Weight: 6.1 lbs Unloaded without optics /ammo
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

A Commando’s Tale

SOT Firestorm-14″ (M-LOK) Rail System:

6 reviews for “Bob Keller” Signature Rifle 14.8-16.04″ Black w/ FIRESTORM-14 MLOK

  1. 5 out of 5

    Eric Ransom

    This comment was submitted from Mr. Morgen while the web site was being updated. We are happy to post his review! :

    I purchased this rifle because I saw some of Mr. Keller’s videos and related to his philosophy on the basics and training. I have a friend with a similar background who explained to me what they had at their disposal with regards to tailoring weapon systems, and when Mr. Keller said “this is the best rifle I have ever shot” I was immediately impressed.

    My background. I have been firing the AR platform for 30 years from the M-16A1 to M-16A2 to the M-4, and personally some of the Ruger, Daniel Defense, and M&P AR offerings. While those are all capable rifles, The “Bob Keller” rifle is unlike anything I have ever experienced.

    I have only zeroed it with the MBUS Pro(I prefer them over the regular MBUS due to the smaller front sight post, and well.. they are metal) and I mounted a Leupold LCO (pricey but my other optic is an AimPoint Comp-M4 and the LCO is superior IMO) and done a few “ready up” drills or “get sight on target and shoot” drills.

    First of all, at 25 yards with iron sights my shot groups were a thumbnail apart. With the LCO I suddenly found out that my fundamentals were weak so when I focused and paid attention, my final group was 1/4″ with 62 grain ammunition.
    This rifle is very light, and feels like a precision instrument. The fit and finish is excellent, and the balance is hard to understand until you have held it. Due to the gas system and the muzzle brake, there is basically no recoil. With other rifles I shoot, stabilize, reacquire the target and fire again. With this rifle I fired and then realized i was still on target, shocked at that fact, then realized I could fire again. I believe I am above average in skill, but after firing 120 rounds through this rifle I realized I was slower than this rifle. I did not have the opportunity to zero the rifle at 100 yards as I like to, (static range and too many yahoos the day I went) but this is simply an excellent weapon.

    This is the first AR type rifle I have fired that requires me to up my game and training in order to maximize its capabilities. Thanks to the manufacturer for creating such an outstanding firearm, and thank you to Mr. Keller for being an individual of integrity and not putting his name on something that wasn’t excellent. I highly recommend this rifle. Now that I have fired it I am not sure I will be able to use my other AR again, because this is such a fantastic work of art.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I wanted to write to tell you how much I enjoy my new rifle I ordered back in September. It is everything Bob and you says it is. I have been shooting the AR platform for 25 years and it is defiantly the best shooting AR I have ever shot.

    I attended one of Bob,s classes a few weeks after I got it and it performed flawlessly. It out shot the shooter for sure.

    I also wanted to add your customer service is impeccable.

    Thanks and Keep Up the Good Work!

  3. 5 out of 5

    Steve Chase

    “The Bob”:

    Work colleague of mine advised me to check out Mr. Keller’s videos and commentary. Needless to say I am impressed with everything about him. Learned about this weapon which led me to Mr. Potters impressive resume in the firearms industry. The collaboration of these two resulted in hands down the best rifle I have ever shot. There is no comparison for me…. “The Bob” is just that superior. Lightweight, tough as nails, aesthetically pleasing to the eye, no noticeable recoil… this weapon is everything you want but have never had. I believe it also needs to be mentioned that the customer service SpecialOpsTactical provides is unparalleled. Give Garrett a call or email and order yourself this rifle.

  4. 5 out of 5


    So first off I have had this rifle for close to a year now , and put over 3000 rounds through it , not a single malfunction . I came to leave a review just because I have never been more impressed by a rifle . The recoil is virtually nothing , follow up shots are easy to make with this rifle . The build quality and fit and function are top notch . I have multiple other Ar-15s which you could call top of the line , one cost over 3k not to brag but just to compare , the SOT Bob Keller rifle is my absolute favorite and it came at half the price but absolutely not half the quality . It holds its own or better against the the best known brands on the market. Can not say enough good things about this rifle . The only thing I changed was the trigger , it was fine to begin with but Im kind of picky with my triggers. This rifle was worth every bit of the wait . Thank you SOT

  5. 5 out of 5


    I had the pleasure of using Bob Keller personal rifle during one of his courses in Alabama. My rear takedown pin had sheared and the detent spring got lost on the range in the gravel (I use the my rifle because it’s a tool !). Instructor Keller said “here, use mine”, so I did and I ran the snot of his rifle the next few hours and I feel in love with it. I told him so straight up and then it got the attention of the others in class and we all did a comparison to what everyone brought and we shot each others rifles. Over the last 35 years, I have shot and/or owned a whole bunch of others mfg brands – expensive ones too. SOT HAS IT FIGURED OUT !! Watch the videos and see how fast it comes back on target. Seriously, save you a whole bunch of trouble and purchase the Bob Keller Signature Series.

  6. 5 out of 5


    Amazing company

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