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3 Gun Shooter

Erich Leipold

Erich Leipold is a retired Lieutenant from Sarasota County Fire Dept, serving in the Fire Service from 1994-2017. He began competitive shooting in 2012 after obtaining his CCW permit w his wife, after a near miss attempted abduction of her and his son. His First 3G match was in early 2014, after purchasing his first AR and semi auto shotgun 2 weeks prior. Erich spent 5 years filming and hunting for the National TV show "Bighorn Outdoors" and still enjoys time in the woods hunting as well as watching his 2 kids play basketball. He has been married to his best friend, Beth, since 1997 and together they have 2 children, Audra & Dawson.

He primarily competes in 3G but can often be found at National & local level USPSA matches as well as PRS matches. He competes (on average) in 8-12 major 3G matches 4-5 major USPSA matches per year, as well as 5-8 local matches each month.


Bob Keller

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